A simple guide to increasing your likes on Instagram

Everyone wants to get more likes on Instagram, but many are stumped on how to get it done. The main problem is this: untold millions of app users are uploading at any time, so it can be fiendishly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Want to move beyond getting likes from only your friends? If you want the love of the masses, know that there are intuitive ways to connect with ordinary people who are more or less the same as you.

Some just buy Instagram likes and call it a day, but if you want to try and do it organically, we’ll outline our guide to increasing likes of Instagram in the points below.


1) Umm … ask them for likes? You know you can do that, right?


In the same way you can ask your next door neighbor for a cup of sugar, you too can post a picture and encourage your followers to hit that like button.

Does it seem a bit too much like begging to you? If you aren’t as confident as some of us, you can do things like making the exercise appear like a survey.


Get visitors to hit like button if they would like you to eat at the Chinese restaurant next Friday instead of the Korean place, comment for Korean over Chinese, and so forth.


In addition to getting you more likes initially, it’s also about poking and prodding the Instagram algorithm so get your content higher in your follower’s feeds, which means more likes in the long run.


2) Master the mighty hash tag


If your current fan base has gone stale with regard to likes, hash tags can help bring in new blood.

After writing your description, attach some hash tags to it.  #travel, #foodporn, and #music are just a few examples, but there are plenty more – surf over to your favorite Instagrammers and take a look.

Tag using relevant terms, and you’ll get lots of qualified visitors who will more likely to hit the like button and follow you.


3) Describe your photos in stunning detail


Photos alone aren’t enough if getting tons of likes is your goal. Making the most of the caption will help you make your photo that much stronger, as your readers can use them to imagine themselves in your shoes.

You only have 2,000 characters to get the job done, but will help you avoid the wordiness that puts many people to sleep.

Aim for stirring up people’s feels, and they will mash the like button with a greater frequency.


4) Network with like-minded souls on Instagram


You made your Instagram account so the world could see it. To do that, however, you need to move past your circle of friends so you can connect with fellow Instagrammers who are like you.


If you join their tribe, like their posts, and leave insightful comments, they are likely to do the same.

What’s more, their followers may be captivated by what you write, and may discover your profile through the link you leave whenever you leave a comment.





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